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     Fabrics, threads and sewing machines have always been a major part of Beth's life. She owned a successful Bernina Sewing Machine Dealership for nearly  25 years.   Beth is now a full time studio artist and enjoys exploring her creative side.  She loves to combine her extensive sewing machine knowledge, free motion quilting skills, and one-of-a-kind hand dyed fabrics to create unique quilted treasures.   

a little BIT about BETH

     Born and raised in Ohio, I can’t imagine living anywhere else.  One of 7 children, I was brought up in an entrepreneurial family.  We were taught to work hard, put your best foot forward, aim high and reach for your goals. 

     While attending a technical college I received training in professional dressmaking skills.  On April 1,1982 I opened Beth’s Creative Stitchery in Columbus, Ohio as an authorized Bernina Dealership.  Not only did I sell machines, I could assist customers in all aspects of sewing.  Bernina provided in depth training on their products.  This training, my sewing background, and a love of helping others be creative helped the business flourish.  The sewing machine industry grew and changed dramatically over those years.  Sewing machines, sergers, embroidery modules, computer software ……….. It was exciting and challenging.

     After 25 years as a business owner, I felt it was time for a change. Something else was calling me.  See my article below on “how Beth became a quilter” for more on that.

Vintage Bernina 830 & Beth,
1982 when store opened.

Working the Houston Show 2013

     After being primarily a garment sewer, suddenly I found myself immersed in the quilting world.  I purchased an APQS George, a sit-down longarm, in 2008.  I loved the additional throat space it provided.  Wanting to share my enthusiasm with others, I spent four years on the National sales team.  Attending the biggest quilt shows in the country, I sat and demonstrated my love of free motion quilting.  It was such a fabulous experience!  I met so many quilters and learned so much about quilting as well as how the show industry works.

     During that period the Bernina Q20 sit-down longarm was introduced.  I added it, named her "Queenie" and my machine collection was now complete.  See photo of my “Bernina Island” which is the center of my studio.  

    Now I have the privilege of being a full time studio artist. My sewing studio includes ample cutting, pressing & sewing areas as well as multiple design walls. 

     Over the years, I became addicted to the dyeing process also. Everything I do now starts with plain white cloth that is dyed or painted, making my creations truly unique and my own.  I dye and sell a few hundred bamboo socks every year also!       I love to share my enthusiasm of dyeing, quilting and all machine arts.  I plan to have small group sessions at my studio in the near future.  I guarantee it will be a fun and delightful experience!  If you are interested, click the contact button and let me know!   

Bernina Island in current studio


      After 25 years of owning Beth’s Creative Stitchery, a successful Bernina Dealership in Columbus Ohio, I sold the business in 2005 to a long time employee.  I was experiencing “burn-out” & wanted to focus on something new.  I did not know what that was, but I wanted something that did NOT involve sewing machines.  Well….. that was what I thought.  Ha-ha!  The universe had different plans for me.

     I spent the following year as a caregiver for my mother, an advanced stage Alzheimers patient.  She could not sit still yet she could not accomplish tasks or remember how to do many common things.   It was very frustrating for her and those around her.

     We soon figured out that she could still iron! Being a life-long sewer and quilter, she loved the colors & tactile feeling of fabric.  I had a basket with various sizes & colors of scraps and she would iron them for me.  We would admire the beautiful fabrics and when she looked away, I would scrunch some back up and throw in the basket.  At night I would dampen the fabrics and scrunch them so they were all wrinkled and ready for the next day.


Marblehead, Ohio  Summer 2005. 
I start pieceing quilts while Mom whistles & irons fabrics for me.  

     Not wanting to leave her unattended, I worked at my sewing machine. This is when I started piecing quilts!   I could be creative & productive and she was “helping me quilt”.  It was a win-win.  After about a year, she entered a full time care facility and passed away 2 years later.  

     I share this story in the hope that I can inspire someone else.  Being a caregiver is hard.  I feel extremely fortunate to have found the one thing that would keep her busy & feeling useful.  I would never trade that time.  And I truly believe that it was my mother and her Alzheimers that helped guide me to this new career path.  THANK YOU MOM!  Please see some portrait quilts I made of her in my “Early work section”


SAQA, Studio Art Quilt Associates

     former Ohio Co-Rep

AQS, American Quilters Society

AQA, Art Quilt Alliance

     current President

CBC, Connected by Cloth

IQA, International Quilt Association

NQA, National Quilt Association


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